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Gardening Services

Botanica Mowing & Gardening Services is able to assist you with all facets of garden care.

Expert Hedge Trimming to 5 metres with our specialised hedgers and trellis means you’ll never have to get on that wonky ladder again. Let us take the risk and hard work out of your Hedge Trimming requirements.


Are your garden beds inhabited by weeds? Let us implement a weed control programme at your place and show you how beautiful your garden can look. We can also spread mulch for you so your garden beds look great, retain moisture and suppress those weeds.


Are your fruit and ornamental trees looking overgrown and unruly? Not producing as much fruit as they used to? We can help with all your Fruit & Ornamental Tree Pruning and recommend a fertilising regime that will have them looking great and producing fruit in no time at all.


Would you like to grow your own seasonally fresh vegetables at home, but don’t know where to start? Is your back yard totally paved? Let us build a NO Dig vegetable garden for you and start enjoying your own fresh produce.


We are absolutely passionate about Roses and their care. Pruning (winter and summer), Fungicide and Insecticide spraying, Fertilising, Dead Heading and even Biological Rose Pest Control are a few of the facets of Rose care that we are experts in. If you enjoy freshly cut Roses in your home, or would like to establish a formal Rose Garden, please Contact Us.


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