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Spring and Summer Lawn Care

This time of year sees lawns around Melbourne spring into life. Most have been dormant over winter but the increase in day and night temperatures in conjunction with an increase in daylight hours quickly awaken lawns from their slumber. Just as the lawns are becoming active, so too are we. Naturally, we all want to […]

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How To Build a “No Dig” Vegetable Garden

No Dig Vegetable Garden

Would you like to grow your own fresh vegetables at home, but your backyard is totally paved?
Are you finding the shovel work difficult when its time to turn the vegie patch over?
Does the thought of sore knees and a bad back put paid to any thought of “growing your own” fresh greens? LEARN MORE

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How To Build & Maintain A Compost Heap – Composting 101

Why would you go to the trouble of Composting? Well, for a start, it’s really not that much trouble at all after the initial set up. You’ll also save yourself the time, effort and money that’s required to go to one of the hardware barns to buy the stuff. And, by utilising something that you’re […]

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Autumn and Winter Lawn Care

MARCH- Now is the time to be thinking about Aerating your turf, particularly if you have a predominately clay based soil. Aerating helps oxygen get to the roots of the lawn and combat any compaction that has occurred, particularly in heavy traffic areas. Any bare spots can be over seeded. It’s a good time to […]

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Autumn is Rose Time

With Autumn upon us, now is the time to start thinking about Roses. As the weather cools and stabilises, it allows the Rose buds to fully develop rather than being ‘hurried along’ by the heat. Thats why many of the best Rose Shows are around Easter every year. I highly recommend to anyone contemplating Roses in their garden […]

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