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Autumn and Winter Lawn Care

MARCH- Now is the time to be thinking about Aerating your turf, particularly if you have a predominately clay based soil. Aerating helps oxygen get to the roots of the lawn and combat any compaction that has occurred, particularly in heavy traffic areas. Any bare spots can be over seeded. It’s a good time to spray any weeds you may have in your lawn with a Selective Broadleaf herbicide. After weed spraying, the lawn can now be fertilised with a Potassium rich fertiliser to help prepare it for the onset of winter.


APRIL- Keep mowing your lawn at regular intervals (every 2-3 weeks) and remember to raise the height of the cut by a notch or two. Keep as much leaf litter off the lawn as possible. It not only looks unsightly, but starves the lawn of light. The first couple of weeks of this month are realistically the last opportunity you’ll have to apply a slow release fertiliser to your lawn.


MAY- If you’ve been diligent with your fertilising, you now may want to consider applying a handful per square metre of Lime to your lawn. This acts as a PH balancer and will “sweeten” the soil. Keep an eye out for any Fungal Diseases that may be starting to appear and treat accordingly.


JUNE- Lawn growth will normally be slowing quite considerably by now. It’s the perfect time to be checking your equipement, servicing it if you’re capable or taking it to a reputable mower mechanic.


JULY- Again, not much is happening with your lawn at this time. It’s a great idea to keep your eye out for any areas that retain moisture or are blatantly waterlogged. You may need to continue Aeration in these areas or, if extremely wet, consider checking existing Agricultural (Agi) pipes or install them if they are not present. Surface water and it’s retention on your property not only inhibits lawn growth, but can have drastic ramifications for your home’s footings.


AUGUST- The weather may be mild at times and your lawn may be starting to show signs of awakening. Don’t be tempted to mow too short though. “Scalping” the lawn is a sure fire way to invite weeds. Aerating and Top Dressing any low patches is a good option now and check your lawn thoroughly for any Moss and it’s causes. Aeration and/or spraying will keep this lawn nuisance at bay.


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